How to Remote your Android Mobile

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Today Article: How to Remote your Android Mobile




Mirror your Android devices to any computer from anywhere, at any time! Permanently access your unattended Android devices (smartphones, tablets, POS, set-top boxes, displays, and much more).
• Remote control
• Real-time screen sharing
• View device information
• Transfer files (Back and forth)
• App list (Uninstall apps)
• Process list (Stop processes)
• Push and pull Wi-Fi settings
• Store confidential information into the device clipboard
• Secured connection with 256 bit AES session encoding

Easily access your Android devices unattended, anywhere, and any time.

Step 1 : Download Team viewer in your PC.

Step 2 :  in mobile goto play store and install Team viewer quick support.



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Keylogger Discovered in HP Audio Driver

If you own or use a HP computer, it’s time to check whether C:\Windows\System32\MicTray64.exe or C:\Windows\System32\MicTray.exe in installed. If so, you have an active keylogger recording all key presses and need to take action by renaming the executable file.

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setup is preparing your computer for first time

how to set setup is preparing your computer for first time Error

setup is preparing your computer for first time


Method 1 – Registry Keys :


Here you will see a few keys related to the system setup. The registry keys and their values should look like this:


“CmdLine”=”” (This field should be Blank )

setup is preparing your computer for first time



Method 2 – Perform a Startup Repair :

You can also try to perform a startup repair in Windows 7, which might be able to fix the setup problem. You can check out this article from Microsoft on how to do a startup repair.

setup is preparing your computer for first time.png

Method 3 – Do a Clean Boot

The only other way you could be getting this message is if there is a program or service that is causing it to occur. By performing a clean boot, you can quickly determine whether it indeed is a program or service. You can read the following post from Microsoft that details the steps to perform a clean boot.

setup is preparing your computer for first time


Hopefully, one of the above solutions fixes your problem. If not, post a comment here and let us know what you tried. Enjoy!

How To Reset Administrator Password In Windows 10


Hi, don’t you remember your Administrator password and don’t have a password reset disk?
Don’t worry here is the solution by using that you can easily reset the Administrator password without any password reset disk or any third party tool.

To reset the Administrator password you need just the Windows product DVD to boot from that.

  1. Once you have booted from the Windows DVD and the set-up has loaded press SHIFT+F10 
  2. Command prompt will be launched, on the command prompt run the following command to        determine your OS volume .
  3. diskpart
  4. list vol
  5. Determine which drive letter is assigned to the OS drive, in my case its D: (mostly the drive letter C: here would be assigned to system drive and the OS drive can have any different drive letter).
  6. D:
  7. cd windows\system32\
  8. ren utilman.exe utilman_old.exe
  9. copy cmd.exe utilman.exe
  10. Now reboot the computer and on the login screen click Accessibility option, it would launc cmd.
  11. On cmd type the run the following command UserName with your Administrator account name whose password you want to reset:
  12. net user UserName *
  13. Enter the new password and confirm the password.
  14. cd windows\system32
  15. del utilman.exe
  16. ren utilman_old.exe utilan.exe
  17. exit

So we are done with the password reset. Now you can login using the new password.

Note: This solution applies for other previous operating systems too like Windows 8 or Windows 7.

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