Clone harddisk

Disk Clone

Disk clone can be used to copy all the data on a disk to another one. Its uses can be embodied in the following aspects:

  • Hard disk upgrade: Disk clone can help to upgrade hard disk from old small disk to a new larger one without reinstallations of operating system and the applications.
  • Data migration: it can help to quickly transfer all the data on a disk to others, such as, Migrate HDD to SSD, etc.
  • Making a disk duplicate: If all the data on the current system installed disk are important, it is necessary to do a complete backup of the source disk by cloning it to a target disk.
  • Data recovery: In order to avoid secondary damage to the hard disk during data recovery, it is necessary to clone the disk and then restore what you want from the cloned disk.

Steps of Disk Clone by AOMEI Backupper

Step 1: select “Disk Clone” option under the “Clone” tab.

Step 2: select the source disk (Disk 0), and then click “Next“.


Step 3: select the destination disk (Disk 2), and then click “Next“.


Step 4: confirm the settings of the source and destination disk, and then click “Start Backup“. (You can click the button of “Edit partitions on the destination disk” to resize partition. The “sector by sector” option is also available.)


Step 5: click “Finish” when all the operations have been done.


disk clone is also called “Disk to Disk (Disk2Disk)”. There is a similar function-Disk Imaging, which can store all the data on a disk to a image file. That is the so-called “Disk to Image


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