Error 49 ‘ HP LaserJet 400

Stage # 1

let start with a one basic question. If you disconnect the printer from the computer or network, turn it on and try to do a copy, does it work or give the 49 error. If no error, then reconnect and tell us how it is connected and try to do a copy again. If still no error try to print a test page from the driver on the computer and let us know. Also it would be nice to know your operating system and any other items if you have a network. Many times it is just a print job (usually adobe) which may be corrupt causing the 49 error and until the job is deleted it will continue to try and print causing a 49 error.

Stage # 2

There is a corrupt job that tries to print each time the printer is turned on. Easy to test. Change the ip address of the printer but you may have to do it with the printer not connected to the network. Once the address has been change, load the printer on one of the computers as a local tcp/ip printer and try to print a test page. If it works you know that somewhere on the network is a computer or server trying to send a job to the original ip address and the job is corrupt and you need to have it deleted.


Stage # 3


1) Remove the LAN / Network cable from the printer.

2) Reset the printer to factory defaults.

3) Remove the DHCP reservation of from the server.

4) Delete the lease IP from the server.

5) Connect the LAN cable to the printer.

6) Let the printer obtain a new IP address. If it picks up the same IP again you need to go back to step 1 again.

7) That’s it.



I am speaking for myself and not for HP.


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